Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society

USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Awards

William Moskowitz, MD '78 (center) accepting the 2019 Distinguished Physician Alumni Award from Sion "Bill" Carter, MD '87 and Dr. Charles Lockwood
Joseph Pecoraro, MD '84 (center) accepting the 2019 Outstanding Service Award from Paul Wallach, MD '84 and Dr. Charles Lockwood

The Morsani College of Medicine honors its alumni with several awards:

The Distinguished Physician Alumni Award is the highest honor the USF Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society bestows to acknowledge the personal, professional and community contributions of its alumni. It is presented in recognition of exemplary dedication to the profession of medicine, insightful contributions to the medical profession, tireless efforts to the community, and the graduate's continued professional and personal growth. It is presented at the Medicine Commencement Dinner each spring.

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The Outstanding Service Award is an honor bestowed by the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society on an MD graduate or an individual that has completed at least one year of graduate medical education at USF to acknowledge dedication to excellence in service within the profession of medicine and exception community engagement. It is presented at Medicine Alumni Weekend each fall. 

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The USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society is proud to introduce the Early Career Achievement Awards. These new awards will acknowledge MD or resident alumni within 15 years post medical college graduation and recognize early career achievement in two categories - 

Academics - demonstrating outstanding career advancement in scientific or academic medicine with outstanding performance in at least two of its three missions: research, education and clinical care. 

Service - demonstrating outstanding commitment to the service of others in their community; locally, nationally, and/or internationally. 

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Distinguished Physician Alumni Award Recipients
2020 Kimberly A. Workowski, MD '86
2019 William B. Moskowitz, MD '78 
 2018 Pedro A. Piedra, MD '81
2017 Peter Embi, MD '97
 2016 James E. Gern, MD '81
 2015 Eric A. Elster, MD '95
 2014 Julie A. Jacobson, MD '94
 2013 Eduardo C. Gonzalez, MD '91
 2012 Michael T. Flannery, MD '88
 2011 Paul M. Wallach, MD '84
 1997 James M. Sherman, Jr., MD '75
1996 George S. Bissett III, MD '75
1995 John I. Hughes, MD '75
Patricia P. Barry, MD '75
1993 Loren J. Bartels, MD '75
1992 Douglas J. Barrett, MD '74
Outstanding Service Award Recipients
 2019 Joseph Pecoraro, MD '84
2018 Greg H. Savel, MD '88
2017 Sylvia Campbell, MD '76
 2016 Margarita Cabrera-Cancio, BS '79, MD '82