Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society

USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the USF Morsani College of Medicine is to provide for the education of students and professionals of the health and biomedical sciences through the creation of a scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of education, research activity and compassionate patient care.



The USF Health Morsani College of Medicine will strive for national prominence through excellence, professionalism, diversity, timeliness and strategic growth.



The faculty and staff of the Morsani College of Medicine commit to these values as guides for our decisions and behaviors:


 High Standards

In upholding the highest standards we will:

  • Demonstrate ethical leadership by example
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Hold our work to the highest academic standards


Respect for Individuals

In valuing respect for individuals, we pledge to:

  • Treat others with respect and dignity, honoring individual differences
  • Promote open communication and listen proactively
  • Create a collegial environment based on loyalty to our co-workers


Advancing Knowledge

In expressing our passion for learning, we encourage:

  • Exploration of new ideas in our teaching and research
  • The courage to meet challenges and assume risk
  • Diverse learning opportunities where creativity thrives
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork


Personal Development and Leadership

Recognizing that exceptional quality begins with people, we create:

  • A culture of personal development and professional fulfillment
  • A workplace where expectations are matched by our reward system 
  • An atmosphere where people value the balance between work and family
  • A mentor-rich culture where faculty, staff and students can enhance their leadership skills

Commitment to Health

Supporting our fundamental belief in the doctor/patient relationship, we are committed to:

  • The highest quality medical care for our patients
  • Training the next generation of physicians and health care professionals to be capable and compassionate
  • Promoting good health and well-being in response to the needs of our community
  • Our community partners who help us achieve excellence in all that we do


The Morsani College of Medicine has engaged in a series of strategic planning activities over the past decade. There is a high degree of continuity across these planning activities in terms of the over-arching goals of the College:

  • A commitment to provide the highest quality and most relevant educational and training programs possible
  • Dedication to conducting basic and translational research that advances knowledge and results in improvements in health and patient care
  • The acquisition, generation and management of financial resources in a manner that makes the realization of these goals possible




  • The Morsani College of Medicine will deliver the kind of creative and innovative education that produces "practice ready” physicians, physical therapists and other health and biomedical sciences professionals and instills within them the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the real world challenges of contemporary medicine
  • The Morsani College of Medicine will advance collaborative learning and discovery through significantly expanded basic science, translational and clinical research that contributes to improved preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes
  • The Morsani College of Medicine will achieve fiscal self-sufficiency and a stable economic base through the establishment of entrepreneurial academic, research and clinical programs
  • The Morsani College of Medicine will be a community of faculty, staff and students who are passionate about their work and who uphold the highest academic and ethical standards
  • The Morsani College of Medicine will be the keystone in a network of institutions, programs and individuals that collaborate to provide innovative, high quality, compassionate, accessible health care