The Distinguished Physician Alumnus Award is the highest honor that the USF College of Medicine Alumni Society bestows to acknowledge the personal, professional and community contributions of its alumni. It is presented in recognition of exemplary dedication and insightful contributions to the medical profession, tireless efforts to the community, and the alumnus' continued professional and personal growth.


2018 Pedro A. Piedra, MD '81
2017  Peter Embi, MD '97 

2016  James E. Gern, MD '81

2015  Eric A. Elster, MD '95 

2014  Julie A. Jacobson, MD '94

2013  Eduardo C. Gonzalez, MD '91

2012  Michael T. Flannery, MD '88

2011  Paul M. Wallach, MD '84

1997  James M. Sherman, Jr., MD '75

1996  George S. Bisset III, MD '75

1995  John I. Hughes, MD '75

1994  Patricia P. Barry MD '75

1993  Loren J. Bartels, MD '74

1992  Douglas J. Barrett, MD '74

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Distinguished Physician Alumni Award Recipients

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