By: Dara Brociner | March 07, 2018

The Fall Alumni Lecture Series featured Dr. Dominic D'Agostino and Dr. David Diamond. Dr. D'Agostino presented Emerging Applications for Nutritional Ketosis. Dr. Diamond presented A Rigorous Assessment of the Putative Role of Cholesterol in Causing Cardiovascular Disease.

View the interviews with our guest lecturers by clicking the icons below!

To view the full Fall Alumni Lecture, click here.

We want to hear from you - Would you or someone you know be willing to volunteer to give a talk for the MCOM Alumni Society? Do you have a recommendation for a speaker or a topic of interest? Please contact Catherine Warner at or 813-974-6850 with your suggestions.

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By: Dara Brociner | March 07, 2018

Dr. Rahul N. Mehra

Rahul N. Mehra, MD '92, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of MehraVista Health and board member for the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Alumni Society, is the 2018 recipient of the M.A. Bernstein Behavioral Health Award. The distinguished award will be presented by the Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services, which serves the community by providing children, individuals and families in need with support to ensure their safety, economic stability, and well-being in the Tampa Bay area and other locations throughout Florida.

Dr. Mehra is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist by training. As a nationally recognized performance physician over the last thirty years, Dr. Mehra confidentially advises Major League Baseball, political leaders, physicians, c-suite executives, judges and lawyers on a variety of matters.

Dr. Mehra is dedicated to destigmatizing, raising awareness, and improving access for children and adults who are dealing with stressful life situations. His true passion is the emotional well-being of children, and he has worked and volunteered both in the local and statewide foster care system receiving numerous awards for his tireless efforts.

Each year, the Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services honors individual champions for advancements in Behavioral Health Services in the State of Florida. Previous recipients have included Representative Kathleen Peters and Bob Dillinger, Public Defender – Pinellas and Pasco Counties.

The award will be presented on Saturday, March 24, 6:30 p.m. at the Gulf Coast JFCS Annual Golf Like A Rock Star event located at TopGolf in Tampa, Florida.

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By: Krystal Pleasant | March 07, 2018

Nearly 200 USF Health Alumni have been listed among the top physicians in the United States, according to a national poll. Proving that a medical education from the University of South Florida produces choice health care leaders, the 2017-18 Best Doctors in America list include 194 physicians who graduated from the Morsani College of Medicine.

Approximately four percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor as a result of the biennial Best Doctors Poll, which is based on peer consensus.

The physicians included in the Best Doctors in America database provide the most advanced medical expertise and knowledge to patients with serious conditions – often saving lives in the process by finding the right diagnosis and right treatment. This month, USF Health announced that 115 USF Health physicians who currently work at USF Health were recognized on the 2017-18 Best Doctors in America list. See the full list of USF Health doctors who made the list here.

Congratulations to the following USF Health Morsani College of Medicine alumni on the new Best Doctors list:


Adam A. Brunson, MD '98

Adrienne Louise Maraist, MD ‘84

Alan Barton Halsey, MD ‘81

Alexander K. Powers, MD ‘02

Alexander Reiss, MD ‘95

Andrew Anthony Toledo, MD ‘79

Anne Lenz, MD ‘04

Aseem Shukla, MD ‘95

Biagio (Bill) A. Pietra, MD ‘88

Brett R. Bolhofner, MD ‘80

Brett Stanaland, MD ‘89

Brian Zilka, MD ‘05

Brooke Williams, MD ‘01

Bruce Barron, MD ‘75

Bruce Eugene Robinson, MD ‘75

Catherine M. Lynch, MD ‘90

Cathy P. Milam, MD ‘84

Charles M. Edwards, MD ‘98

Charles M. Mendenhall, MD ‘79

Christopher Cunha, MD ‘85

Christopher D. Reiner, MD ‘75

Christopher Giordano, MD ‘04

Christopher L. Tappan, MD ‘94

Colin S. Beach, MD ‘90

Craig Andrew Kalik, MD ‘88

Craig Berger, MD ‘95

Craig J. Hoesley, MD ‘92

D. Ashley Hill, MD ‘90

Dan Riggs, MD ‘81

Daniel A. Siragusa, MD ‘95

Daniel Dent, MD ‘90

Daniel Haight, MD ‘91

Daniel James Van Durme, MD ‘86

Daniel Lorch, Jr., MD ‘81

Daniel Poetter, MD ‘05

Daniel Vincent, MD ‘90

Danielle S. Walsh, MD ‘95

Dao Vuong, MD ‘94

David A. Eichenbaum, MD ‘01

David James Burchfield, MD ‘81

David Parda, MD ‘88

David Pettigrew, MD ‘97

David Seth Cooper, MD ‘96

David W. Hannon, MD ‘77

Deborah Sanchez, MD ‘03

Denise K. Edwards, MD ‘01

Derek B. Hess, MD ‘98

Donald Allan Novak, MD ‘81

Donald Behnke, MD ‘80

Donald E. Cutlip, MD ‘79

E. Jason Gates, MD ‘91

Earnest Edward Seiler III, MD ‘86

Eduardo C. Gonzalez, MD ‘91

Elizabeth Arrington, MD ‘07

Emily T. Perkins, MD ‘86

Enrique J. Martinez, MD ‘90

Eric Emmanuel Coris, MD ‘96

Erika Abel, MD ‘03

Francis Pellegrino, MD ‘88

Frank Allan Thompson, MD ‘91

Frank Amos Bailey, MD ‘83

Frederick Hoover, MD ‘80

Galen Bruce Jones, MD ‘76

Gary Edwin Winchester, MD ‘74

Gary Peterson, MD ‘74

George Garcia Alvarez, MD ‘79

Glenn Catalano, MD ‘88

Gregory A. Fisher, MD ‘76


Hao Tran, MD ‘00

Hector Chavez, MD ‘93

Hugo J. Narvarte, MD ‘00

Ignacio Armas, MD ‘82

Ignatius I. Tan, MD ‘92

Ivy N. Faske, MD ‘84

J. Dean Cole, MD ‘81

Jack Jennings, MD ‘02

James Benenati, MD ‘84

James C.Von Thron, MD ‘79

James E. Gern, MD ‘81

James E. Stephenson, MD ‘80

James Goldenberg, MD ‘89

Jane M. Geders, MD ‘87

Jane Messina, MD ‘88

Janice Lynne Bacon, MD ‘79

Jeannie M. McWhorter, MD ‘99

Jeffrey A. Kooper, MD ‘01

Jeffrey L. Alvaro, MD ‘94

Jennifer Pearson, MD ‘98

Jennifer R. Charlton, MD ‘04

Jillian Glass, MD ‘00

Joanna M. Burch, MD ‘95

John A. Arrington, MD ‘83

John A. Duncan, MD ‘77

John D. McCormick, MD ‘98

John N. Greene, MD ‘86

John Ness, MD ‘78

John Waidner, MD ‘90

Jonathan Taylor Stewart, MD ‘79

Jorge J. Lense, MD ‘87

Jose Montero, MD ‘93

Joseph Borrelli, Jr., MD ‘88

Joseph P. Springle, MD ‘87

Juan Dumois, MD ‘87

Julie Larkin, MD ‘90

June Y. Leland, MD ‘89

Karalee Kulek-Luzey, MD ‘90

Kathleen Kilbride, MD ‘80

Kathleen Moss Grizzard, MD ‘76

Kent R. Corral, MD ‘78

Kerry L. Rosen, MD ‘90

Kira Katherine Zwygart, MD ‘98

Kurt L. Klinepeter, MD ‘80

Kyle M. Crofoot, MD ‘82

Laura Grimsich, MD ‘95

Lawrence K. Conrad, MD ‘96

Leif D. Nelin, MD ‘82

Leighton Elizabeth Ellis, MD ‘88

Lindell A. Busciglio, MD ‘93

Loren J. Bartels, MD ‘74

Lori A. Bowers, MD ‘97

Lowella E. Esperanza, MD ‘91

Margarita Rosa Cancio, MD ‘82

Maria L. Cannarozzi, MD ‘00

Marian Menezes, MD ‘03

Mark Allen Davis, MD ‘86

Mark Borden, MD ‘96

Mark Brown, MD ‘90

Mark G. Parent, MD ‘82

Marnique H. Jones, MD ‘91

Marvin A. Dewar, MD ‘80

Mary Lee Josey, MD ‘85

Matthew Huska, MD ‘06

Matthew J. Baker, MD ‘97

Maude S. Guerin, MD ‘00

Meghan Ross, MD ‘05

Melody N. Baade, MD ‘85


Michael A. Malone, MD ‘04

Michael Cacciatore, MD ‘92

Michael W. Jaeger, MD ‘84

Micheal McMahan, MD ‘82

Michele P. Winesett, MD ‘89

Mitchel S. Hoffman, MD ‘81

Morna Jean Dorsey, MD ‘99

P. Mark Bloomston, MD ‘92

Patricia Juarez Blanco, MD ‘88

Patricia Mergo, MD ‘88

Paul Lewis, MD ‘93

Peter A. Donelan, MD ‘78

Philip William De Hoff, MD ‘80

Pinkal P. Patel, MD ‘98

Richard Chazal, MD ‘77

Richard E. Weibley, MD ‘77

Richard J. Ina, MD ‘88

Richard Manuel Martinez, MD ‘79

Richard Oehler, MD ‘92

Robert B. Rosequist, MD ‘80

Robert E. Kramer, MD ‘95

Ron Madden, MD ‘76

Ronald M. Perkin, MD ‘76

Sandra Gompf, MD ‘91

Sarah Reading, MD ‘96

Saundra Stock, MD ‘94

Scott E. Pautler, MD ‘80

Scott George Crowder, MD ‘92

Scott S. Ubillos, MD ‘90

Sherard (Scott) Tatum III, MD ‘85

Shirley Sawai, MD ‘85

Stephen Andrew Spencer, MD ‘82

Stephen C. Eppes, MD ‘79

Stephen C. Somach, MD ‘87

Stephen R. T. Evans, MD ‘79

Steven I. Gayer, MD ‘87

Steven Noah Kanfer, MD ‘95

Susan M. Zimmer, MD ‘86

Terry J. DeClue, MD ‘82

Theodore M. Freeman, MD ‘80

Thomas C. Rushton, MD ‘89

Thomas E. Esposito, MD ‘90

Thomas J. Pusateri, MD ‘84

Thomas Scott Jennings, MD ‘87

Timothy Francis Kelly, MD ‘78

Todd S. Wills, MD ‘98

Tyshunda Manning, MD ‘01

Ulysses Balis, MD ‘91

Valerie C. Mechanik, MD ‘82

Valerie M. Panzarino, MD ‘90

Vincent M. Spoto, MD ‘88

W. Raleigh Thompson, MD ‘82

Walter (Russ) Schroeder, MD ‘82

William (Bill) P. Mack, MD ‘91

William G. Carson, Jr., MD ‘77

William L. Bockenek, MD ‘86

William M. Hervey, MD ‘09

William M. Mendenhall, MD ‘78

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By: USF Health | March 07, 2018

After nearly 39 years of dedicated service to USF, esteemed colleague, advisor, mentor and friend Steve Specter PhD will retire from the faculty and administrative roles in which he’s made such an important impact on the lives of students, our alumni, his faculty colleagues, the Tampa community, and the professional organizations he serves with such deep commitment.

Dr. Specter joined the USF medical faculty in 1979 as assistant professor of medical microbiology and immunology. He became a full professor in 1991. Dr. Specter has served the medical college as secretary of the Faculty Council, chair of college committees on space allocation; appointment, promotion and tenure; and curriculum. He was appointed co-director of curriculum and medical education in 1997, then associate dean for pre-clinical education in 1998, he was appointed associate dean for student affairs in 2001.

In 2014, Steve transitioned to a new role as associate dean, development and alumni relations. "We all know first-hand the critical difference Steve has made – and will continue to make – in building an esprit de corps among our medicine alumni through active engagement, involvement and philanthropy," said Jo-Ann Alessandrini, associate vice president for development and alumni relations at USF Health. "His tireless efforts have built a solid foundation on which the Morsani College of Medicine Class Scholarship Campaigns will grow and flourish for generations of students."


Last year, Steve received a number of honors and significant recognition for his service to the College of Medicine ranging from “Presenting the Charge” to the Class of 2017 at commencement and an award for his outstanding service as advisor to countless students over the years.


Dr. Bryan Bognar, vice dean for educational affairs, wrote Words are insufficient to express the gratitude that we all feel for your incredible and sustained contributions to the Morsani College of Medicine over four decades. You have helped build this place into what it is. Generations of physicians are better for having had your guidance and caring, including me.”


Dr. Specter will step down officially on May 31.

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